Friday, 5 June 2015

Fireman Sam to the rescue

I think Fireman Sam saved our house (along with many awkward moments in public by bribing away a tantrum with the promise of another repeat episode of Norman Price's terrible shenanigans in Pontypandy). I actually do. 

There is an episode, I think i have only seen 6 times, where Mike Flood's cooker sets alight after a power cut. Sam said 'always switch your cooker (oven, aga, range) off when you aren't using it'. 

Well we had an electrician over just after we had been away for the week and he told me, some jargon I didn't understand but that translated to - 'good thing your oven fuse was off or you might not have had a home to come back to'. So never mind the expensive Neebosh Health and Safety exam I took in October last year (thank you work), Fireman Sam nailed it this time. again.

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