Friday, 5 June 2015

The last stand at the Bandstand

I asked H as we left the house at 3pm if he wanted his scooter. 'NO MUMMY'. Ok.

So I stuffed the golf club, 3 x ball (various sizes), his neeee naw fire car and digger in the bottom of the buggy on top and around Freddie who is cramped in. 

We get to the 'bandstand' about a mile from home where he has demanded we go and then tries to steal 2 pink scooters, I tell him he can't and explain that he can play with his when he gets home. Tantrum 1.

He then sees a boy with a ball and tries to take it, I get his out and he throws it in my direction, flings his entire body from side to side akin to a soaking wet spaniel shaking off its water laden coat. Tantrum 2.

He sees a boy eating a wafer so I buy him one and he has one bite and decides he wants his ball, another boy walked within a 2m radius and he starts crying 'my ball MY ball', which I (apparently stupidly) told him wasn't a nice way to talk to other boys. Tantrum 3.

We then start playing a running game and he sees another boy with Toby ('well let's say he's square') and Percy ('pulls the Mail on time') and he starts crying 'Thomas' (because ALL trains are Thomas apparently no matter how many times I try to explain their difference)... I tell him he can have the fire car, he carries on screaming, I get the golf equipment out and show him how not to hit a golf ball, I tell him we can find Thomas when we have fish fingers later and try to reason (yeah right), I try a number of bribes (episode of Fireman Sam, naughty step, won't see daddy later) but he is sobbing inconsolably 'T T T Thomassshhhhhh' and pretty much sitting on poor little 'Hugo' with his trains and I eventually decide to throw the hat in and (after a princely 8 minutes at the bandstand) take him home. 

By the time we get home he wants to go back to the bandstand.

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