Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Back to school

Breakfast has become a learning zone, thanks to YouTube and a sudden interest in the finer details of HOW THINGS WORK in this world. I call it edukitchen and being a nerd myself; I LOVE it! Breakfast has always been my favourite meal of the day and it has now been bolstered by factoids. 

So there was the confusion between planes, rockets and spaceships. Thank you NASA, we now all know the exact difference, plus there's Atlantis, Endeavour, Apollo, the Johnson Space Center. We count down with an American twang and flail our arms in the air at the much anticipated LIFT OFF to SPACE. 

Then there was the intrigue surrounding the multitude of farm vehicles, his green combine harvester being a particular fave. I explained that the pale cylinders in the field the other day were bales but I realised as I continued to elaborate that perhaps my agriknowledge could do with a spring clean. So today accompanying our blueberries and toast was Agrivids, a TOTAL winner. 9 minutes on Claas Lexions in Bedforshire merely whetted an insatiable appetite But OHH the straw-baling-chasing-stacking-harvest with 'here comes the sun' background music had us all, the wee wee man included, hanging on the edge of our seats.

Tomorrow we might do planets or plants but I imagine someone else will dictate our subject.

Watch this space (no pun intended)

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