Tuesday, 21 July 2015

revisiting the Invisible Vein

Four years ago on Thursday I got hitched. A few years earlier than that I tried to write my thoughts on love in general. Tonight I reflect. It's not a masterpiece but to me it sums up what I understand love to be.

I love my family.
I love my friends.
I love my sport.
I love animals.

'The invisible vein' applies to them all and all the other things I love. 

LOVE LOVE LOVEY LOVE LOVE (no, I have not had a drink)


Immaterial, intangible, a most powerful thing,
Love pervades us all, the highs and lows that it brings,
It’s danger; it’s beauty, enervating the most robust,
A mystical, magical entity, it’s greatest ally is trust,

With trust it blossoms and numbs and protects,
Love in full bloom crushes boundaries, no regrets,
Nothing seems mightier than a love in full swing, 
Warmth, delight…. Innumerable, wonderful things,

The power of love lies in the weakness it bestows,
Those in its clasp don’t care, can’t direct where they go,
An enigmatic, unpredictable, amazing matter,
He who falls from its heights could be no flatter,

The loss of love knows no bounds, 
That wonderful manifestation turns.. in that cloud, one drowns,
The bleakest place is a lonesome love-lost pit, 
That ‘something’ missing, that inexpressible hit,

Realisation of indescribable, unfathomable feelings,
The loss of their comfort, leaves the lovelost reeling,
Bitterness inevitable at such a blow,
Yet on the fire of anger, time begins to snow,

In appreciating the enigma and power of love, 
It’s possibilities and capacities above,
Accept it, embrace it, no one can ever control, 

The power in life that makes the world roll

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