Thursday, 8 October 2015

Ax (wo)men

This season dahhhhling, I will mostly be channelling SHIRT DRESSES..... Lumberjack, plaid..... I will try them all. Takes me back to the days when River Phoenix and baby harp seals adorned my wall and roller blading down at the half-pipe was about to hit the big time. Plus, with the array of 'broke back' (bit weird) shirts owned by the 3 males in our household, it's time I got my team of lumberjacks a forewoman.

I need a fashion injection. There is a gapping hole in the crotch of my trusty American Eagle jeans (not conducive to a warm winter) and the Joules striped long sleeve, my comfort armour, has got to be reduced to a once weekly outing. 

Quite what ensemble the shirt dress works with, I am most unsure but I am keen to clamber out of my middle aged, banana crusted, mumsy fashion rut and risk a faux pas or 3 along the way. Can't be worse than the denim tank top of 2003.

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