Thursday, 19 November 2015

Dear London, I thank you .. Part 1

As ever, whence a chapter of life comes towards an end - despite one wanting/urging it to.....Pangs of nostalgia start knocking at the door - literally.

Over the coming days and weeks I will write small thank you notes to our fine Capital City for the sanctuary it has given us over the years (mainly the last 2.5). A property is not sold until it's sold so these may very well continue to pepper my weeks and months for some time but herewith are some of the absolute saviours to my sanity. #ThankyouLondon


1. The Science Museum/Natural History museum.

This combo is a MUST. The bus ride is an event in itself. Tick.

The Science museum's water-feature-interactive-learning-toy is epic, the stuffed animals in the NHM are awesome. The Blue Zone is taxidermed to the hilt. The cost is beautiful. We glide through the Hintze hall, air kissing the diplodocus and linger by the Climate Change Wall pretending that the boys really understand ecology and care about the litter issue in our oceans. It feels good. Mummy has caffeine and the lads eat home made sandwiches and share an extraordinarily reasonably priced pesto pasta in the cafe in the full knowledge our own over-used cafe (the kitchen) is avoiding an absolute beating for once. This place makes me very happy. There are rockets, space craft, cars, engines, planes, animals, skeletons and noise. There are sections where very clever people do research on how to preserve and make our planet a better place. Yes it might get busy but - no matter the tantrum (blissfully rare with all the wonder to enjoy) it just fades into the busy hum drum of tourism and learning.

Sans children go to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition, sup on mulled wine in that festive and fun looking bar, glide across the ice rink and spend a while sifting through the prints and books in the gift shop.

NHM = all time favourite peice of architecture inside and out.

You make me happy

Yours (for EVER)

Potty Potty Mouth xx

P.s I am not totally tight, I do donate generously every few outings

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