Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The Game of Life

I've been away for a bit, mentally. My mind has been in a thick fog of dejection, I haven't thought of anything funny to write that doesn't seem extraneous nor anything with depth that doesn't seem wrought with despair. Oh THE DRAMA......

You see, I have been replaying in my mind the oft-mulled query of what we are actually 'doing here'. I have come to a conclusion; don't stop and question for too long because I am not sure there's an answer. So - just grasp at the fun, relish in the enjoyment and happiness - be kind but also a little selfish. This is not a dress rehearsal people.

Life is not simple, it's not easy - we trudge through our seemingly minute daily struggles all the while looming above are the game changers, the likes of: disease, disaster, terrorism and those big buggers tend to stealth-pounce without discrimination. They seamlessly tear a chasm of fear and heartbreak and wreak havoc in the jolly journey of life. These things make us vulnerable. We should carry on, take the fun of life by the horns and thrust it into overdrive because the Big bad buggers are random and reckless and can strike at any time.

I have switched my 'what world have I brought my children into' worry button off, I ripped the whole knob away, so I can't default back to a quick panicked press. Worry, my friend, you're a largely wasteful emotion. I get your purpose to an extent, you keep us in check, you keep us 'real' but there ought to be a limit because we need to LIVE and enjoy and laugh. Yes we all have our own responsibilities and plans for future health and wealth and enjoyment but don't forget to flaming well LIVE. 

When faced with all these unpredictable horrors life can present, when appreciating our vulnerability, we realise how very much we have to lose.... and gain. Hold on to the preciousness of friends and family and fun and intellect and cherish it! Goodness I sound like a prat.... but I mean it all.

For now I will nurture the new(ish) little beings of the household into happy, kind, good, intelligent, peaceful people that will take on this world with a remarkable glowing force..... and I will smile and giggle a lot along the way. 

I think I might take up street dancing too.

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