Sunday, 25 September 2016

Week 1. Undignified yet MAGIC

**** one for imminent or brand new mums, a monolgue of my pertinent, patchy memories ****

'Well that was fun!'... Said no one ever. Your body has just grown and expelled a (not so) small human. Your slowly shrinking uterus flops around in front of you in the form of a deflating bouncy castle attached to your navel. 

Stock up on paracetamol and nurofen and take them every few hours in turn. As the blighter reverts back to its original size you might feel like you're still having contractions. Well you are actually. Bonza. 

Sanitary towels the size of mattresses house your granny pants. Rock hard melons. Get cream in case the nips crack as the sleep-thief gnaws away for hours. 

Possibly get daddy to sleep in another room.. Everyone finds their own arrangement to fit around the whirlwind of newborn excitement and sleeplessness but it really helps to have one person who is running on (almost) full batteries to actually engage in proper conversation with people and get stuff done whilst you recover from the phenomenal feat of childbirth and you start to grow the human on the outside. 

The above being said, the tiredness aside, delight in the arrival of this tiny person. Don't be afraid. You will always do the right thing, trust your instincts. Plus there's midwives, health visitors, books (Your Baby Week by Week is my 'go-to'), friends, family and dare I say it: Google. You don't need to see anyone if you don't feel like it, close the doors on the world and relish in the utterly precious first few days with the new human. Welcome people when you feel ready but the outside world is going nowhere yet these first days will slip away.

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