Thursday, 29 September 2016

Week 2-3. Shit got real

The small human is here to stay. It doesn't sleep and it screams. They are all very different but fundamentally they take quite some time to adjust to not being secure and wrapped up on the 'inside'. The hosts body should start to settle down, slowly. Eat.a. Lot. It's very very tempting to launch into or try to establish a routine but (gooooood for you if you've acheived this) cut your losses and enjoy the marginal freedom that no routine gives you.

My comment of the week came from an ernest H Bomb..

'Mummy, mummy - you must come and sit down (ushering me over to a scant pile of cushions and a baby wipe) I have made you a chair - SIT - you need to feed the (yet to be named) baby from your (massive) booby'

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