Thursday, 10 November 2016

Weeks 7/8/9 - lengthening and strengthening

Between now and 14-16 weeks can feel pretty tough. The initial magic and early hormones are wearing off, the relentless sleepless nights are grating and the haphazard routine is messing with any plans. Luckily the tiny human is becoming more engaging and resilient and fun. That boiled monkey uncurls into an actual mini human, butterfly style. 

Initial immunisations are never something to look forward to. I always get my boobs out to avoid the nurses windows shattering. The key with this milestone though is paracetamol. Strange as it feels to inject synthetic matter into the juveniles mouth at such an early stage, you'll soon get over it in the name of peace and quiet and calm. A dose every 4-6 hours will ensure that the live Meningitis vaccine does its work under a blanket of anaesthesia and everyone is less hot and bothered. 

These weeks bring babbles and cooing and smiles between the nappy explosions and sleep obsession. They bring SOME predictability and stability. Your baby is lengthening and strengthening, as it your patience. 

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